Certified Natural Medicine Educator

Let's move forward with us to give the troubled person a smile, hope and excitement.
Therefore, we will nurture human resources who can absorb the wisdom and knowledge of the world and lead the world.
Let's play an active part in natural medicine not only in Japan but also in the world.

About the 2020 course


Course summary


Complies with WHO recommended natural medicine therapy education.


It is structured so that you can study for one and a half years and study for two hours a day, taking into account other tools and practical studies.
It is possible to graduate in one year.

There are six books (including one subject for graduation).
The course is designed to reach the study time as a standard unit in 1 hour-1 hour-3 hours, 2 months and 1 year.

Depending on your learning progress, the duration will be shorter or longer. You will answer the subject for each subject unit.
You will graduate when you submit the final report covering each subject.

It is not a Japanese university system.
However, we accept graduate schools, universities, vocational schools, various schools, and exchange of credits such as learning and experience. This means that once you have completed a given course, you will be awarded a Certified Natural Medicine Indicator. Evaluate by submitting the final report.

Course: Certified Natural Medicine Educator (Natural Medicine Therapy)

(Graduation is possible in one year, extension for two years is permitted.)


All 6 subjects (1 subject is a graduation assignment)

     Graduation name: Certified Natural Medicine Educator

     Specialized name: Certified natural medicine editor (in Japan)            

                  Home distance learning Internet university: Distance education (Naturopathic Medicine)


⁂Class format

① Textbooks can be downloaded to your smartphone. Always portable.

Or you can always carry it with a textbook printout.

② Lecture in media media such as Youtube. Other media.

③Sharing of joint classes, questions, materials, etc. in Google Suite.

④Certificate issued at graduation.

Class format 2

You can understand even those who are not experienced in medical care (Paperless textbooks, video distribution (Japanese and English conversion function is OK), Internet lessons (distribution of materials, etc.), and individual guidance with multi-class lessons so as not to be isolated.The textbooks are educated in North America and are in English.This course has a curriculum that allows students to understand the expertise of an international qualification that is as good as that of a European or American university.
* A Japanese translation will be provided to those who wish.

Learning method of this course (Please study genuine wisdom seriously.)

As a United Nations NGO, we create an environment in which anyone who wants to learn useful natural medicine in the future, regardless of nationality, background, educational background, age, gender, address, or income, can learn without difficulty.
In Japan, where relative poverty is remarkable, we are reducing the cost burden for those who really want to study. For economic reasons, we have a large exemption.

​This is our mission.


Bookbinding and Education Schedule

①Health Education: Health Education (Basic of Natural Medicine)

②Orthomolecular Approach: Biomolecular approach


ⒶHealth education (basic of natural medicine): youtube
Ⓑ Medical History: youtube
Ⓒ Anti-aging: youtube


③Vitamins and Minerals & Trace Elements

④Metabolism and Nutrition


⑤ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES; Danger of electromagnetic waves

⑥Graduation assignment

Tuition fees, etc. (will be calculated by donating)

Maintain current status in consideration of consumption tax.

39,800 yen in total (including expenses) lump-sum payment only

Contents: Tuition, admission fee, etc .: 39,800 yen (6 required courses)

* Foreign exchange and non-profit business tax-exempt items
* Certification postage separately

​(In addition, if you have special circumstances, we will consider a significant reduction in the tuition fee.)


Frequently Asked Questions (Japanese)


Application for admission

① address, ② name, ③ contact information (email required, if there is a spare),
④Emergency contact information (phone, etc.).
⑤Others: Exemptions, etc.

Described here

Payment Method


​1.About bank transfer

2.Other payment 1

​         Accepts all major debit and credit cards in all countries of the world

·                                                                                                                                Visa

·                                                                                                                                Mastercard

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39,800 yen in total

Comparison of costs up to graduation in Europe and America
Commuting (excluding living expenses): 10 million yen or more
In the case of commuting to school and correspondence course (excluding travel expenses): 5,000,000 yen ~
In the case of distance learning (examination fees): 2 million yen or more

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